Why Entrepreneurs should read books for investing

Books for Investors

If you have noticed the books that I have recommended for reading material, you will notice that there is a good mix of self help books, entrepreneurship related books, personal finance books, and books related to investing. The aim of reading these books is to become a more well rounded entrepreneur. So I want to share with you why I think Entrepreneurs should also read books for investing.

Reasons to read Investing books

Become a Venture Capitalist

​This is a goal that I think every aspiring entrepreneur should have. These are the people who were probably once in your shoes at some point in time. As a VC, you invest in the businesses of other young up and coming entrepreneurs. There is also a feeling of giving back to the community of fellow entreprneurs when you invest in them as well. You give them their dream, they give you their money, and you both give back to society as a whole by allowing the company to expand and help service more people.

Become a better entrepreneur

​By aspiring to the level of a VC as mentioned above, you will also have a better understanding of what potential investors are looking for when it comes to pitching your company to them. You will understand the risks that they face when investing in your company, what hurdles that they may have before they invest, etc.

By having the mindset of a VC, you can also

Buy Companies

​This is exactly what Warren Buffet does as well as other stock traders looking for long term holdings. When reading investor books, you have to know how an entrepreneur thinks. You need to know all aspects of their business model, the sector that business is in, and how they opperate.

​A lot of similar and some unique priciples as an investor will apply to entrepreneurship

​You can learn a lot of things by reading books that are about investing. Some of the priciples that you will read will apply to both investing and entrepreneurship. Examples will include things like mindset, persistence, etc.

You will also find some unique lessons from reading investor books that you may not find in other self help and other entrepreneurship type books.

The ability to keep and open mind

​It is important to keep and open mind and be able to learn new things as an entrepreneur. A closed mind may not get you very far in your business. The last thing you want is to fail in your business and not have answers or context as to why you failed in it. Lack of context in making mistakes is only going to make you fail even more.

So go forth and read

​As I have given a few reasons as to why the entrepreneur should read more investing books, I hope you take my words to heart. Having a more well rounded mindset as an investor will ultimately help you in becoming a better entrepreneur.

If you are looking for some recommendations, you are always welcome to go to the shop and browse a few books.