How to Win Friends and Influence People review

Welcome to my How to Win Friends and Influence People review. I will be going over what my thoughts are in this book and a few of the things I have learned from it.

This is one of the most classic self-help books out there and it is vital that every entrepreneur read this. The reason is that as an entrepreneur, you are in the business of building relationships. So you have to be willing to learn how to get people to like you. Bad first impressions will cost you money.

Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Author: Dale Carnegie

Category: Self Help

Must Read: Yes


How to Win Friends and Influence People is a book that is designed to help the average person when it comes to building relationships and making good first impressions.


Plenty of relatable stories

I love how this book has plenty of relatable stories. A lot of people who read this book will definitely understand the situations that most people go through.

Actionable simple advice

I love how simple the suggestions are in this book. Yet it is not very obvious or practiced in the day to day lives of the average person.



I personally did not read anything in this book that I didn’t like or agree with.

5 things I learned from reading this book

Getting over fears is about practice

The only way we can get over our fears is to practice doing them. In the case of this book, the only way to get over public speaking is to do public speaking. One of the best ways people mentioned in this book got over this fear is by practicing. But the catch is that they practiced in front of other people who where just as afraid.

Why? The reason is that the audience is just as afraid. Therefore, they are more understanding to that person who is trying to get over their fears. It also was a way of encouraging the other person in that audience. After all, if the person who was afraid of speaking was speaking, then that person who is afraid can speak to.

This can be applied to many things. Fear of making a sales call, fear of sending an email, etc.

People learn more from rewards of good behavior than from punishment of bad behavior

If you try to criticize someone for their bad behavior as a means of changing it, you will only get negative results. People will either obey you with a begrudging look, or they will resent you completely. However, if you can explain to them why their behavior is bad and how it affects everyone else, they tend to become more understanding. This in turn leads to a change in behavior.

People long for a feeling of importance

Every person has a desire to feel important in some way, shape, or form. Some people will get this in positive ways and others in negative ways. But either way, these actions are done because people want to feel important. So if you ever want to build a lasting relationship with people, especially customers, it is going to be crucial that these people feel important. The more your customer feels important to your business, the better of your business will be and the more inclined they are to do business with you. Remember, people only do business with people that they like. People that they feel are just like them.

Focus on the other persons wants and needs

This is especially important if you are in the business of sales. A lot of people have a misguided belief that selling is about stealing from others. Selling is about showing the customer a problem that they have and showing how you can solve that problem.

We tend to have a selfish perspective when it comes to our own wants and needs without looking at the other persons wants and needs. If you put your wants and needs before a customers wants and needs, you may end up having no customers in the long run.

Genuine interest gets people to like you more

It turns out that the best way to get people to like you is to take a genuine interest in them. This made a lot of sense to me when I first read it because I have always been told by my mentors one thing. That is that people love to talk about themselves. They like to talk about themselves A LOT. If you give them a chance to do this, they will definitely like you a lot more because of this.

If you get people to like you, you will make a great first impression and you will get them to buy from you in the long term. After all, you yourself have only bought things from other people or on the recommendations of other people you know well.   So remember this and use it to your advantage.

Who this book is for

This book is for anyone that wants to be inspired by people who have improved upon their public speaking abilities, sales skills, and people relation skills. These are all important traits that an entrepreneur needs to have for their greater success. Remember, an entrepreneur is in the people business.

Why you should read it

This be a book that I think you should read in order to draw inspiration from the stories told. A lot of people mentioned in this book where people just like us. They are in the exact same position that we may be in right now. Some have been scared of public speaking, others of selling.

This book is also helpful if you want advice on how to build great relationships and a great business. Customers are the blood of your business and you don’t want them to bleed out.

Where to buy this book

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