Here are my top 10 self help books of all time.

Self help books can be a game changer in the every day life of an entrepreneur. They can help in developing the person into who they are meant to be. It will also help in putting their life into perspective. Self help books have helped me personally in both understanding myself and understanding the problems I am facing. They have provided context to the obstacles right in front of me and have offered a solution to solving them. So without further wait, here are my top 10 self help books of all time.

top 10 self help books of all time

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is a timeless classic and a great intro guide into how the world class think. A lot of people are misguided into thinking that money is the way to determine this. They couldn’t have been way off!

It is not the amount of money that decides whether a person is rich or poor. It is the mindset that determines it. Without this mindset, you will never be able to reach a level of wealth. Wealth that is far more than you can ever imagine.



How to Win Friends and Influence People

If you ever want to be successful as a business person, you are going to need to know how to develop quality everlasting relationships with your customers.

In this book, Carnegie will go over the many ways to build quality relationships with people. This includes learning skills such as:

How to make a good impression

How to win people over to your points of view without arguing

These are skills that every entrepreneur should have and develop for their business’s success.



The One Thing

Written by Gary Keller (co-founder of real estate firm Keller Williams), this book explains that every successful business got to that point because of one thing. This one thing is going to be different depending on what that particular business is. However, the concept of the one thing applies in every business.

If you are not figuring out what that one thing in your business, you are not getting the most out of it. Even if you are getting revenue.This is a book that you must buy and read. The concepts and ideas that this book offers can catapult your current success. Not only catapult it, but do so to the stratusphere if the principles are followed.


The Slight Edge

If you have ever wondered what makes people a success and what makes many people failures in the game called life, it is usually attributed to the slight edge.

So what is the slight edge?

The slight edge is merely a priciple. What kind of priciple? It’s a principle that says the small choices that we make everyday consistently will be the difference. More specifically, the between whether someone reaches success or someone reaches failure.


The Compound Effect


The Power of Now


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck


Not Nice


The Power of Habit

What is the main key to being successful? It is being consistent day after day. This means that you need to develop habits.







48 Laws of Power